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Iron Den Kennels values your preferences regarding communication and offers choices for opting in or opting out of certain interactions. Please carefully review the following information to understand your options

Opt-Out Choices

You have the right to opt-out of specific types of communications, including

  • Marketing emails
  • Direct mail
  • Telephone calls
  • Text messages (SMS/MMS)
  • Online behavioral advertising

To exercise your opt-out choices, you may

  • Follow the “unsubscribe” instructions in promotional emails sent to you.
  • Delete our mobile app from your smartphone and follow the phone manufacturer’s directions on deleting cookies or other technologies received from our mobile website.
  • Text STOP in response to text messages (SMS/MMS) sent to you

You may also contact us via email or mail to communicate your opt-out preferences

  • E-mail
  • Mail Iron Den Kennels, Attn Privacy Officer [West Broadway New York, NY 10025 Monroe County, PA]

When contacting us, please provide your full name, address, phone number, and email address. Specify the information you would like to access, change, or add to our “opt-out” list. This will help us process your request efficiently. Even if you opt-out of marketing communications, you may continue to receive important business communications, such as order confirmations and appointment confirmations.

Opt-In Choices

If you wish to receive specific communications or participate in certain programs, you may opt-in by

  • Providing explicit consent during the sign-up process.
  • Contacting us via email or mail to express your preference to opt-in.

Additional Information

Please note that if you have multiple relationships with Iron Den Kennels, you may need to specify your opt-out choices for each relationship separately. Your preferences will be respected and implemented promptly.

Iron Den Kennels is committed to maintaining transparent and user-friendly communication practices. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your opt-in/opt-out choices, please contact our Privacy Officer at

  • E-mail
  • Mail Iron Den Kennels, Attn Privacy Officer [West Broadway New York, NY 10025 Monroe County, PA]

Thank you for entrusting Iron Den Kennels with your preferences, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you in accordance with your communication choices.