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Terms And Condition

This Agreement, entered into this date by and between Iron Den Kennels, hereinafter referred to as “IDK,” and the applicant, hereinafter the “CUSTOMER,” pertains to the adoption of the dog identified above.

Responsibility and Liability

IDK and its representatives disclaim responsibility for any damage or injury caused by the adopted dog. No representation or guarantee is made regarding the present or future medical condition or temperament of the dog. CUSTOMER acknowledges that any dog may be prone to medical, behavioral, or genetic conditions not readily evident.

Terms and Conditions

Any changes or additional terms to these Terms and Conditions must be in the form of an Addendum and signed by all parties. If any provision of this Agreement becomes void or unenforceable, the other provisions shall remain valid.

Health Information and Behavioral Assessment

CUSTOMER acknowledges receiving the dog’s file, including health information and behavior assessment, and has the opportunity to ask questions. While IDK provides all available information, there may be unknown aspects of the dog’s history, health, and behavior.

Veterinary Care and Costs

CUSTOMER agrees to provide quality veterinary care and assumes responsibility for all associated costs. IDK recommends following its veterinarians’ treatment protocol but acknowledges that CUSTOMER’s chosen veterinarian may interpret results differently.

Home Environment and Supervision

CUSTOMER agrees to provide a safe environment, not tying or chaining the dog indoors or in a yard. The dog should not be kept in a garage. IDK retains the right to periodically check the dog’s environment.

Reclamation and Return

IDK retains the right to reclaim the dog under certain circumstances, including neglect, abuse, inadequate care, or breach of contract. CUSTOMER agrees to relinquish custody immediately upon request.

Adjustment Period

IDK suggests allowing up to a 30-day adjustment period for the dog to acclimate to its new surroundings and family.

Return Policy

CUSTOMER agrees to return the dog to IDK if unable to keep it, except for euthanasia due to a terminal health illness/condition or behavioral reasons.

Obedience and Licensing

CUSTOMER agrees to register the dog for an obedience course and obtain a license within thirty (30) days. The dog must wear appropriate identification tags at all times.

Release and Indemnity

CUSTOMER releases, discharges, and holds IDK harmless from any claims, damages, or expenses arising from the adoption. CUSTOMER is responsible for any legal costs if IDK takes legal action.

Zoonotic Diseases

CUSTOMER acknowledges the potential for zoonotic diseases and holds IDK harmless.

Declaration and Agreement

CUSTOMER declares that the information provided is true and accurate. CUSTOMER understands the responsibilities and releases IDK from any liability related to the dog’s actions.

Non-Liability Acknowledgment

CUSTOMER acknowledges that IDK and individuals connected with IDK are not responsible for the adopted dog’s actions post-adoption.

IDK appreciates the commitment to providing a loving home for our dogs. This Agreement outlines the expectations and responsibilities for a successful adoption. If any concerns arise, CUSTOMER agrees to contact IDK promptly.